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” The Most Important Question You Must Ask Is If The Universe Is A Friendly Place?” - Albert Einstein

EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME is a mindset and mantra I live by. When my world feels upside down and it's hard to find faith and trust in life, I have found that I need to ground myself in some sort of chosen truth that works in my favor. No matter how dark, painful or confusing my circumstances might seem I find these spiritual concepts soothing.

Life might feel and seem as if it's falling apart but I choose to see that chaos is my rebirth. Meaning that only when things fall apart can I build something new. I choose to believe that life is working for me and not agains me. I guess in a world that seem so dark I choose to see it through a lens of optimism and love, where anything is subject to change.

For me to evolve and be a positive part of the human evolution I will have to go through trials and tribulations to evolve into the best being I can be.


- Nature is the most amazing teacher and reference for life. In nature we see the natural process of evolution and growth. Metamorphosis! Yet when we are faced with life circumstances and conditions we question it without seeing the bigger picture of how things naturally works. Just as the caterpillar, transforms in the cocoon to a butterfly I see my own process of evolving and growing. For me to transform and change, my reality has to fundamentally change from what it was to what its suppose to become. In a human experience this process can be so painful and confusing as its hard to observe it from the outside as we are in the minds of this change and transformation. I guess my mindset is to trust the process and have faith that we too are a part of natures laws of adapting, changing, transforming and evolving to new levels of a beautiful living ever changing being.


- As Florence Scovel Shinn Expressed in the book ”The game of life and how to play it” I believe too that life is a set of boomerangs. What we send out must return to us. So what are you sending out and creating in this world? As self aware conscious beings we get to choose who we want to be. So do onto others as you would have them do onto you. It's not as easy as it sounds as we are emotional beings that reacts to our reality. But if we want to be more conscious creators of our reality it is my belief we need to focus more on our inner world and see how it is mirrored and reflected in our outer world. Send out what you wish to come back to you regardless of how people may be acting or reacting towards you.

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”We don’t manifest what we want we manifest what we believe to be true”

We get in life what we expect. So the important question is what do you expect in life? Are you entertaining worst case scenario or are you entertaining the possibility of best case scenario?

Life is not fair and we will have to go through some hardships, trials and tribulations. Some more than others. What I have come to believe about life, is that when I have been pulled back as far as I can be pulled life seem to always reward me and shoot me high. I seem to be one of those humans that goes to the extremes of polarity. Therefor the mindset of a slingshot. If I’m being pulled far back and stretched I now expect that I will be shooting high and expand in my being. Its like I understand the polarities and contrast in life. As much as I can fall down I can rise high.

So next time it feels like life is pulling you back start expecting that it just means that are you being prepared to shoot high and go so far.



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