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Start by saying this out loud to yourself:

My strength does not lie in the dumbbells, nor my endurance in the treadmill or my muscles in the leg press. The movement lives within me. I am power. I am resilience. I am determination. I take action. Now.

Source: @emitaz

Although we love to <3 the gym, it's important, as with everything else, not to become too dependent on it. First of all, if there is something the pandemic in 2020 taught us, it is that everything can be taken away in a second and the more we have practiced adapting to new circumstances, the less resistance we will experience when it becomes necessary. Second of all, the number of people who blame their sedentary lifestyle on not "having the time to go to the gym" or exercise being to expensive, is scaaary. Lastly, life happens and sometimes making it to the gym might seem or actually BE impossible (yes- having an unlimited supply of energy and enough time to workout in the gym daily is a privilege. Earning enough money to buy food and cover your rent is equally as important as moving your body and must sometimes be prioritized). When such situations appear, try to remind yourself of the mantra above. Then you can check out these workout channels on YouTube for a quick at home burn!


Pamela Reif

Her channel is great if you are in a rush and want a quick but effective workout (10-20 mins). Most of her workouts are around are high intensity but she also have a few lower intensity options as well.

Move With Nicole

I you want to try pilates this is a chanel for you! Her workouts are low intesity but high impac. She is a great teacher and her videos are so aestetically made. Love to feel the slooooow burn!


Anna Engelschall is one of the biggest fitness youtubers out there and after trying one of her workouts you will understand why. She focuses mostly on full body, no equipment and high intesity workouts that are around 30-60 minutes, but she does also have some great dumbbell workouts. If you feel like comitting she has a great assortment of "30-day-challanges".


As a former dancer and lic. personal trainer Madeleine's channel is the go-to channel for stretching and lower intesity workouts that will make your muscles burn. Her videos are around 10-30 minutes. I highly recommend her dance workout routines if you are in need of a mood boost!

Travis Elliot

This guy made me fall in love with yoga through his youtube channel and having been to yoga retreats all over the world without understanding the hype - that says alot. His sessions are 1-2 hours long but his focus on breathwork makes the time fly by. It is as much of a spriritual experience as it is a physical one but don't let that fool you - the sessions are hard core and you will sweat!

Yoga With Adrienne

This is the best channel to end this list with since doing yoga together with Adrienne is like watching a feel-good movie while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Although some of her workouts are tough you will find yourself smiling all the way through and leaving the mat feeling warm and grounded.


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