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Nataša Gavric is the genious behind @glowbynats. She started her beauty account back in 2017 and has since then gained a large following, had a podcast together with Felicia Kjellgren (@browfelicia), started a YouTube channel, worked with Margaretha Grääs (@margaretagraas), adopted the cutest dog on the internet and released a new podcast called "Snacket på stan" with Fanny Castro (@atelierfannycastro). Simlply put she is a multi talent! Every week her community joins her in a makeup challenge called "#sminktricket" where they try to recreate a look that's gone viral. It's always exiting to see what the look of the week will be and what the community makes of it! In this exclusive interview we got to pick Nataša's brain on all things beauty, so grab your notebook and your matcha and prepare to be inspired!

How has your relationship with your reflection evolved over the years, and how do you hope it will develop in the future?

I'm happy to say that a lot has changed for the better between the age 25-30; I now see my previous insecurities as unique features. My biggest complex used to be my slightly crooked nose, but a friend's comment shifted my perspective, making me appreciate it as something that makes me unique. I believe that with age, one becomes more mature and ready to receive such comments as compliments. If I were younger, I probably would have been upset that she even commented on my nose. Now I also have a more neutral attitude towards my appearance; I don't try to force myself to love everything about me and I simply don't focus too much on how my appearance is perceived by others.

The festive season is coming up! What does your favorite party makeup look like?

I always opt for naturally radiant skin (using only cream products) and dramatic eyes. I love vibrant eyeshadow colors, preferably with glitter, and multiple coats of mascara. Lips should be understated with a natural shade and the right gloss to complement the look!

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Which beauty trend would you rather not see make a comeback?

Personally, I dislike all kinds of eyebrow trends, both the extremely fluffy and filled-in ones from a few years ago, as well as the super thin brows that are trending now. I feel like natural brows does the best job at framing the face so I prefer not to experiment too much with them!

Which beauty trend are you excited to try this fall/winter?

I actually think autumn/winter is the time for full glam in all forms, and that spring/summer is the peak season for trends. But there are some fun lip trends during autumn, such as cherry cola lips, espresso lips, etc. They are always fun and challenging since, for some reason, we in Scandinavia seem so reluctant to wear lips that stand out.

Where do you find beauty inspiration? Social media profiles, magazines, Pinterest, the streets, etc. Any recommendations?

I always use Pinterest because of its best algorithm that fills my feed with makeup I love! I have a board called 'coolgirl makeup' where I daily pin trendy makeup looks I want to try.

If you could choose just one of your #sminktricket, which would you pick?

Oh, that's a tough one, but probably this graphic look because it so well represents what #sminktricket stands for—a graphic look that is outside the box both in appearance and execution. This one is NOT EASY to succeed with, and I received many DMs from frustrated followers who tried 2-3 times to achieve it and didn't feel that the result suited them well. But sminktricket is about makeup in one's stretch zone; it's not always about looking as beautiful as possible but about learning a technique and trying something extreme, maybe falling back to something less extreme that you hadn't chosen before. For example, you try this graphic look, it turns out not to be your thing, but you fall in love with the glitter and start using such products more.

Is there a product you always use up and repurchase?

I use Dermaceutic's K Ceutic SPF50, and I don't use any other day cream in the fall and winter! It has a thick protective formula, slightly evening, and works great under makeup.

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What's a beauty product/treatment/technique you're curious about but haven't yet tried?

I have a dry and itchy scalp, so I am curious to try a Korean or Japanese Head Spa. It's just so relaxing to watch a video on Instagram where someone undergoes the treatment.

What does SOOTHE mean to you?

To me, SOOTHE is really about relaxation. I only go through my skincare/makeup routine if I have the room in my day and the desire to take my time with each step. There's no point for me in having a 10-step routine if I'm just going to rush through it. I always make time for my beauty rituals.

What does your skincare routine look like in the morning/evening?

In the morning, I wash my face with only water because my skin is very dry. I always follow up with a hydrating step like toner or essence and then apply sunscreen. In the evening, I double cleanse; first with a balm/oil and then a milky cleanser. After that, I go through another hydrating step and finish with something active, such as Paula's Choice 2% BHA or a gentle retinol product.

Get it HERE (cklick!)

How do you style your hair for everyday, and what's your go-to hairstyle when you haven't washed it in a while?

I love a sleek bun! It requires a really sharp part, a boar bristle brush, an excellent wax (shout out to Björn Axén's Fiber Fudge wax), and lots of hair ties.


Glowy makeup / Matte makeup

Bold lip / Smokey eyes

Shower / Bath

Morning skincare routine / Evening skincare routine

Good hair day / Good makeup day

Makeup / No makeup

Hands / Brushes / Beauty blender

Pssst! You can find Nataša on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok! If you are interested in fun Hollywood celebrity gossip you should definatly check out her new podcast as well!


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