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As we step into 2024, I feel like the world collectively embraces a sense of rebirth. Everyone discarding their "failed" paintings of life, eager to start anew with a clean canvas, hopeful that this year will usher in positive transformations. While we may not resolve urgent global issues like climate change, hunger, or world peace, one thing remains certain – capitalism and creativity prevails, and consequently so do beauty trends. Here's what's on our radar for 2024.

EDIT: While proofreading this article, I'm realizing how negative I come across in the intro, hahaha. Apologies for my unfiltered critical thoughts on the world and capitalism. I stand by every word, but I also really want to highlight that although the beauty industry is a product of capitalism, it's also a facilitator of creativity and self-expression. My top beauty advice is always to invest in things you enjoy applying and wearing, rather than those promising to change or "improve" your appearance. I'd much rather buy a lovely eye shadow pallet that brings me joy than an unattractive tube of cream that makes promises - even if the promises are valid. Truth is that it doesn't matter if the cream promising to even out your skin tone, prevent wrinkles or reduce blemishes work, because if your mind doesn't change your reflection in the mirror, never will. Aim for happiness, not perfection, even in the realm of beauty. That's all, peeps, now, let's dive into the trends!


Source: Getty / Eamonn M. McCormack (L); @bellahadid (R)

While it's not my favorite trend on this list and I probably won't be sporting it I think it's a fun one to discuss since the early 2000s influences become so apparent. And, tbh, the main reason to why I won't be jumping on the side bang train is because I'm extremely lazy when it comes to my hair, and I sense this style demands quite a bit of effort to pull off. I'm pretty sure I'd probably end up resembling a 'wannabe cool 2000s kid' who just set up her Myspace account, hahah, and that's not the vibe I'm going for.


Source: @kyliejenner

This Bratz-inspired lip combo began trending in August 2023, and I firmly believe it's here to stay in 2024. The 90s/00s aesthetic has gained increasing popularity over the past couple of years, and we haven't even reached its peak yet. This lip trend won't just be embraced by "it" girls and celebrities; I reckon this trend will (literally) be on everyone's lips.


Source: 'Sex and the City'

I recall a time when blush wasn't in vogue. Full-coverage foundation and bronzer were all the rage, but after a decade of toning down the face's natural redness, the pink flush to the cheeks made a comeback. While I don't believe blush is going anywhere, I do anticipate changes in its application and nuance in 2024. Considering pop culture phenomena that trended this year (SATC, Barbie, and Mean Girls to name a few), I predict a return to applying blush on the apples of our cheeks instead of the temples. The nuance may shift towards a more red tone, and stray away from the cotton candy pink. Why this prediction? Because one of the driving forces behind the whole blush trend - Patrick Ta, recently shifted away from extremely pink blush, opting for a more natural rosy shade. Of course, this is purley speculation on my part, so take it or leave it, haha!


Source: @sofiarichiegrainge (L); @kyliejenner (R)

Bear with me here. I'm no fool, and I fully recognize that neither Sofia nor Kylie just rolled out of bed and casually strolled out the door before these pictures were taken. HOWEVER, the natural beach waves and baby hair on display provide a stark contrast to the sleek buns and daily blowouts we've seen them sport before. And what's new is that celebs haven't restricted this "undone" hairstyle to just casual days; they've flaunted it on full-glam red carpet events as well. As previously mentioned, for someone who's a bit lazy with hair like myself, I'm absolutely loving this trend.


Source: 'Snow White' (1928) Walt Disney

Whenever I attempt to forecast trends, I often return to the idea that they operate in a pendulum-like fashion, swinging back and forth. For years, terms like "glowy," "dewy," "glass skin," and "glazed donut" have dominated, attracting attention and consumers. However, I now believe the pendulum is poised to swing in the opposite direction, with matte and airbrushed becoming the new ideal. I'm not implying that people will strive for a dry and flaky appearance; but rather an attempt to recreate the fantasy-like vintage filter seen all over Instagram but in real life. Picture Arwen or Snow White—matte but not without lustre.


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