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I believe in a holistic approach to mental health. After years of struggling with depression and feeling low mentally I have developed a regime that supports my mental health by caring for my entire being.

I believe there is an interconnection and our beings are far more complex and intelligent than we can even comprehend. To manage my mind I believe I need to look at the full picture and find ways to care for my physical, mental and spiritual body to create harmony and wellbeing.

PHYSICAL - We cant always think ourselves out of a state and need to help our mind by moving in some form. When the mind gets overwhelmed it often feels like an inner war and battle that we perceive is impossible to win or find a way out from. Moving your body might be the last thing you have energy to do, and just the thought alone of physical movement feels exhausting. I get it! This is where the mindset SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF became my mantra. It's like my higher self encouraging the part of me that is struggling, to understand that if I give myself something in this moment my effort will be greatly rewarded.

Movement can be a walk, getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting out of the house and walking to the nearest bit of nature, working out, stretch, yoga, dance, breath work or EFT tapping. The choice of movement will be completely determined by which state you are in. The important thing to remember is to move with the energy of gentle love and compassion, reminding yourself that your effort is more than enough.

MENTAL - Meditation is an incredible self awareness practice to help find inner peace and harmony. Meditation is a practice, let go of the idea of perfection. Of course there are different meditation teachings that can be effective and helpful, but don’t let meditation become another mental battle of right or wrong doing. Allow yourself to create and find a space to just be. Be ok with and allow yourself the space to feel what you are going through.

I found that what consume and take in mentally is very important as well. Meaning what do I listen to and what do allow around me. I find it super helpful to seek new information and knowledge through reading books or watching documentaries related to the brain, mind and spiritual concepts. It keeps my mind curious and expanding.

I find it mentally helpful to listen to anything with positive affirmation or people speaking from a optimistic solution driven perspective. Having that said also having my set of boundaries of how I allow people to speak to me, around me as well as being mindful and intentional with the kind of conversations I entertain and engage in.

SPIRITUAL - Faith and trust in invisible forces has been crucial to make sense of life in my darkest moments. Yes a lot can be explained scientifically and is helpful when it comes to the human experience. In my journey I have found it so helpful and soothing to be connected to love, faith, acceptance, gratitude and trust to life. Life can feel so unfair and there is so much that we have to go through that I believe only faith in a higher power can make sense of. A bad day for my Ego is a great day for my Soul!

Faith and spirituality is highly individual and your relationship to yourself, God and the Universe. I believe in taking time to go within and strengthening that connection with yourself. In the darkest moments we need the belief of light and the trust in that this too shall pass.

Spirituality to me is, the acceptance and love to all that is, without judgements. The trust and belief in purpose and meaning even when I can't physically see it or intellectually understand it. Spirituality brings humility to the idea that life is so much bigger than me, yet my existence is evidence enough that I matter in it all.



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