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Rolling out of bed early has always been tough for me, and for years working out in the morning didn't even cross my mind. I guess I just accepted that I'm not one of THEM, and told my self that mornings are a superpower very few people have.

Then slowly, I realized I could claim that superpower and...enjoy it!

Slowly easing in to this new routine, this is my top 3 benefits that might motivate a fellow snoozer;
  1. Health first It's an empowering feeling to kick off the day doing something for YOU! The coffee is waiting for you on the other side!

  2. Increased focus Taking care of yourself is productive! For me, working out in general - and especially in the mornings increase my work focus. It's not about the hours we work, it's about our focus, our motivation and our inspiration. For me kicking off the morning with something for myself - generates less, but more efficient hours in the office.

  3. Less crowded From the commute to the actual gym or studio, it's usually less crowded in the early mornings. Leaving home around 6 AM = a peaceful subway ride. Also - being less people in class, gives you almost like a PT session and has been giving me some valuable insights on how to develop in my training.

BY: Elin Tranberg


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