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Trusting your intuition means listening inwards and doing what feels right. This way of living is often associated with a soft, feminine energy - trusting your internal signals is more important than following a strict, pre-planned routine (i.e masculine energy). To be completely honest, I don't even know if "Intuitive Self-care" is a thing, I might have just coined a new term haha, but I feel like it incapsulates what I am trying to preach in this article.

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All of us have both masculine and feminine energies within and "Intuitive self-care" does not necessarily exclude strict exercise regiments, hard work and routines, rather, it's about knowing when, and when not, to tap into that masculine energy. Allow me to put forth an example:

Lately, my social media feed has been flooded with people doing workout challenges, detoxes and diets in preparation for the new year. There is a reason to why my algorithm is showing me all of this content and it's because I genuinely like it and find it motivating - in the phase of life that I am currently in. I feel like I have reach a point when I am aware of my triggers to the extent that I know when I can and cannot, should and should not tap into that masculine (i.e strict, disciplined, tough) energy. However, even though for the past two months I have tended to lean more into my masculine energy I know that won't last forever. In fact, I know that I can wake up tomorrow and feel a sudden urge to live more intuitively and trusting that urge is what Intuitive self-care is all about, according to me.

In this article I will share the daily practices that have helped me become better at listening to my bodys natural signals, hence strengthening my "Intuitive self-care" muscle. It has allowed me to challenge myself with strictness and discipline without punishing myself when my body tells me to soften.


This one is all about presence and appreciation. Whenever I am in the grocery store I take the time to carefully select the ripest tomatoes, the finest piece of meat and the best quality yogurt. Instead of grabbing the products with the tip of my fingers and throwing them in the basket, I gently hold them in the palm of my hand, appreciating them as if I had just foraged the fruit or catched the fish myself. When cooking at home I try to do the same, by taking my time, grounding my own spices and washing my greens thoroughly.


There is no question that spending time outside is benefitial for all aspects of our health. Apart from helping me get my daily dose of vitamin D, natural light and oxygen, morning walks in the forrest have also helped me to destress, which has allowed me to take the time to actually listen inwards. When I am stressed I find it much easier to just rely on routine. Seeing the shifts in nature and the animals that live on this palnet along side us has also tought me to live more authentically human - as the animal we are. Just hearing the birds sing reminds me that they don't feel guity for eating an extra berry or more seeds, they don't track how many wing beats they do in a day or measure how fast they fly. At the same time they don't consume more than they need for fuel or sleep the entire day. I am reminded that if they can live intuitivly to the core, then so can I.


Living intuitivley also means listening to when your body needs rest. In order to not trow of my circadian rythm, I rely on ligh. I turn on my lamps as wuickly as I wake up in the morning to emulate sunlight in these dark, winter times and turn of the lights early in the evening to wind down. I try to use candles as my only light source after 8pm.


Similar to to the firs point in this list, this one is about presence. Even water has a taste if you pay attention. If you can learn to taste the water you will appreciate food so much more. This in turn will make you feel more satifyed after a meal and help you to not over eat. Note - if over eating makes you feel GOOD then who am I to judge? Do whatever keeps your boat afloat but for me, over eating and binge eating only caused a lot of anxiety and stomach ache.


Feel your body and it's natural, perfect shape. Applying body lotion every evening is one of my favorite acts of self love.


The most beautiful thing with self care is that that it's individual. There is no ONE practice or habit that will magically teach you to listen to your body. If there was there wouldent exist thousands of meditations, diets, routines, workouts tand self help books that claim to have the answer. These are some of MY favourite practices but I encourage you to find your own. Take care <3


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