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Last week you got to know one of our contributors Elin and this week it's time to ask some questions to another one of our editors. So without any further ado, let's get ___physical with Alva!

Go-to workouts

My mentality when it comes to working out has changed a lot over the years. While it used to be all about the physical (looks and performance) I now focus more on the mental benefits of moving my body. I no longer have a strict routine or schedule for exercising I just make sure to minimize sitting down throughout the day and moving as much as I can and in as many ways I can. Just like my view on nutrition I believe that variety is key when it comes to maintaining a balanced and healthy mind and body. I love Evolutionary Biology which focuses on how our ancestors used to live when they were hunter-gatherers in order to understand what our bodies were originally built for. The research shows that our bodies are meant to be used in many different ways throughout the day - constantly moving, climbing, running, walking, carrying, swimming and throwing. I incorporate this mindset into my daily movement by combining outdoor running with intense spinning classes, weight lifting in the gym with kneading bread dough at home, reformer pilates with yoga by the lake and wall climbing inside with climbing apple trees in the backyard. This way I make sure to move my precious body throughout the day and not only during a short window of time in the morning or evening.

Always in the gym bag

I. HATE. CARRYING. That's why, if I go to the gym I make sure to do it early enough in the morning so I have time to come back home to wash up before heading off to school and work. That way I only have to take my phone, AirPods (I even leave the case at home) and an empty water bottle at the most. I love to feel light and prefer to carry as little as possible so that I am free to run, jump, spin around or dance whenever my heart and soul calls for it, without feeling restricted.

Workout style

Usually a pair of discontinued H&M leggings that I have had for years and that I still LOVE together with a sports bra and a hoodie on top that comes off within the first two minutes. And just like the rest of my wardrobe it is neutral colors always.


Lately I have been really excited to improve my balance. It requires a lot of core strength which I love and challenges me to control tiny, tiny muscles that I don't tend to engage otherwise.


I used to be a chronic snacker but not anymore. Instead I focus on two or three BIG meals a day that keep me full and satisfied. I have found that since I began cutting out snacks I eat way less processed foods protein bars and shakes full of artificial ingredients, my blood sugar levels are more stable, I feel less sluggish, not as hungry and more satisfied after each meal. Since I have the habit of always watching something while I eat (a habit deemed as bad by many but that I am never willing to give up) I have also come to the conclusion that I save A LOT of time since a snack always meant a 15-20 minute Youtube break that could easily turn into an hour. There is also the mental aspect of less emotional eating that used to be a big issue for me, but that is an article for another day. If I do feel like I need a snack (happens once in a blue moon since my main meals are so filling) I will opt for whole foods like a boiled egg, a fruit and some almonds.


Now this might throw you off like a curveball but hear me out (and try it out) before you judge me. Never do I not listen to Disney songs while working out. I experience enough stress and negative emotions throughout the day so I don't see the point in working out to music that will make me angry. I much rather lift and run to the tunes of Moana, Avatar and The Lion King, haha, although I get it's not very common.

My instagram is mostly fashion but I sometimes give a glimpse of my workouts as well along with thoughts on mental and physical health. Therefor I will end this article by shamelessly giving a shoutout to my own instagram, haha. Xx


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