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A Dive Into The Beautiful Mind of the Multifaceted, Multidimensional Creative Awa

Who are you in your mind?

A kind, resilient, brave and loving soul, trying their best in this human experience!

What’s your take on mental health?

I think it’s something that’s so important, the brain is a part of the body and so crucial for our survival, I’m happy we are having more conversations about it so we can work on loosing stigma and help each other feel and get better, because we all deserve a peace of mind.

What is being mindful for you?

Taking my time with things, being present, allowing my mind, body and heart to connect before I make decisions. Giving myself space to make sure that my choices are aligning with my values and aligning with what I’m intending to create for myself!

What does your mental health care look like?

I love nature, water and hugging trees. Moving my body, dancing in the mirror, connecting with self. Journaling to get clear on what’s going on and transmute any noise!

What is something you wish you new earlier regarding mental health?

That it’s something we all struggle with, it’s normal, you are not alone and there is incredible help to get!

What’s your current mantra?

I’m capable of achieving great things and I deserve to live an awesome life!

How do you set your mind for success?

I commit to showing up for myself and allow myself rest when needed. Keeping my inner dialogue positive and encouraging as if I’m speaking to little Awa, and that’s on inner child healing!

What is something you find mental?

That therapy isn’t more accessible for everyone. That’s mental.

Do you believe you got to lose your mind a little to truly follow your dreams?

I believe you gotta lose limiting beliefs and doubts that hold you back from diving into the unknown… so definitely.

What is your number one mental health practice?

Breathwork and Meditation, to practice staying grounded in the present moment so I can allow whatever I’m feeling to be felt and continue to appreciate what is in the moment, rather than letting old stories run my narrative!

How do you manage the voices in your mind?

I try to detach and observe, not identify with them and almost calm them down by pivoting into loving conversations, trying to lead them back on track. Also just allow them to be, gives them less importance, they’re not an enemy, just an old story that is trying to keep us safe in some way, that might not be necessary or serve us anymore!

What is a calm mind for you?

A place that is kind, accepting, graceful and compassionate.



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