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The mental diet and gym ritual that gets me tuned into my aspired state of mind.

Yes, I'm currently on a mental diet. Let me explain what I mean: Imagine your mind as a garden, and your thoughts as the seeds you plant. Just as you'd care for your garden by watering it and pulling out weeds, your mental diet is all about tending to the thoughts and beliefs that grow in your mind. It's like feeding your brain with nourishing, positive thoughts and ideas, just like you'd feed your body with healthy food.

When you're on a mental diet, you're mindful of what you're allowing into your mind. This is something I choose to be more conscious of at times when I become aware of that I need to get back to a better state of mind after a very difficult time mentally an d emotionally.

You choose thoughts that make you feel good, that lift you up, and that help you grow. It's about being aware of the negativity, limiting or self-doubt that might creep in and consciously choosing to replace those thoughts with ones that serve you better.

Think of it as curating your mental space, surrounding yourself with thoughts and beliefs that support your well-being and personal growth. It's not always easy, and just like any diet, it takes practice and consistency. But over time, you'll notice how your mindset shifts, how you become more resilient, and how much brighter your outlook on life can be.

Now this is not only what you create from within. It's just as much if not even more a conscious effort of what you allow in.

Mental diet practices often include techniques such as gratitude journaling, affirmations, mindfulness meditation, cognitive restructuring, and selective exposure to uplifting content. By consistently nourishing the mind with positive and empowering thoughts, you can cultivate a more optimistic mindset, enhance emotional resilience, and foster greater overall well-being.

Today more than ever I have come to learn the importance of evaluating and editing my life. Meaning carefully and consciously curating what I expose and let impress my mind. It's crucial when I'm going through more difficult season of life.

The Mental Diet Ritual: For The Gym

I start in the changing rooms by listening to Just Fine by Mary J. Blige. Yes.., I'll be somewhat dancing in the bathroom stall, this tune is such a vibe. The lyrics are like a prayer for me, it's where I aspire to get to. I start my warm up and workout still listening to the record x 3 times. Then I move on to the motivational speech. I'm someone that can get into really dark places mentally. Like really really dark, and I'm also someone that is the only one that can get me out of it. These kind of motivational speeches are kinda tough love and pretty masculine in my opinion. But at times they truly work for me and brings that grit, grind and graft mentally out of me. So I keep it on repeat and let the words flood my mind and empower me throughout the workout. I feel like a warrior woman triumphing my inner battles with this mental ritual!



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