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BY: Camilla Ahlqvist, The Practice, Teacher, Holistic Chef and Nutritionist, @thepractice_se 

The main lesson I learned from my years at the fashion glossy Harper’s Bazaar in New York, was that your personal style usually falls into one of four categories, but the most fun expression of personal style is mixing it up. Given that food has edged out fashion as my main passion, the learnings I cultivated from curating a strong Fashion Edit are strongly correlated to my approach to food and creating incredible dishes. You see, even as cooks and entertainers, we usually adhere to one of the following four style ideals: 

The Minimalist—This Style type has the well-groomed essentials, choosing quality over quantity, and therefore buying the very best in category. One impeccable cashmere sweater, a camel-coloured trench, ballerina flats from Tod’s and an exquisite ostrich leather handbag. In the kitchen this type buys the Mauviel cookware, Pallarés paring knives and The Cooper-Hewitt Mortar & Pestle. Items that will last a lifetime due to its unparalleled function yet also elevates the kitchen counter aesthetic.

The Maximalist—This one goes ‘all-in’ and ‘over-the-top,’ playing with bold contrasting colours, loud patterns and wild combinations. More-is-more for this one and I see her in a La Double J caftan, a gorgeously set tables with colour-saturated tablecloths, mismatched china, superblooms like Peonies, Orchids and Anthuriums, and the cuisine follows suit. Picture a large platter with red and burgundy streaked chicory leaves, watermelon, cucumber and daikon cut into conical shapes, fatty Toro, and a vivid black charcoal dressing. It’s a little wild and totally unexpected, but because it’s delicious, this Vibe totally works.

The Luxe One—Well heeled and knows it! This Type chooses the best of the best, knowing that true luxury is not in the bling factor, but in the craftsmanship and historic artistry.  Loro Piano sweater, Goyard bag and accessories from Rebecca de Ravenel. She also knows to buy impeccable first-press, cold pressed olive oil from that special olive grove where the arbequina olives are harvested when the moon descends, Pecorino di Picinisco cheese from Loreto Pacitti and his family run farm in the Comino valley, and natural wines from the tiny producer across the Pyrenees in Spain. Jet-setting for three stars always, this woman knows the best, because she has tasted it. She knows that a simple dish with one luxe ingredient is far more memorable. 

The Bohemian—Barefoot and earth bound, ethereal and Chic, this type fills her closet with Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson & Spell, and purchases food with intention and a desire to manifest beauty and integrity in her meals. Organic, Wild-caught, Pasture-raised and Grass-fed are key words. Emphasis on gorgeous verdant lettuces, broccolini, ramps, fiddlehead ferns and nettles, as well as cherry-bright berries and deep orange peaches and persimmons. Colourful, bountiful and bursting with abundance. This earth mama knows how to bring out the very best of the season.

While we may be drawn to one style over the other, depending on Season and occasion, we do well to combine these styles in our own culinary hearth. Bring on the best kitchen tools, play crazy creatively with your dishes, garnish with that rare and extraordinary somethin’-somethin’ to enhance the high-vibe, nutrient-dense ingredients. Let it be an expression of your style at the moment. Cheers! 

Meet Camilla: Teacher, Holistic Chef and Nutritionist, from New York City, now residing in Sweden. She is passionate about food tasting delicious, but also nourishing the body with nutrient dense foods and boosting with clean energy ingredients! She also teaches The Practice, a transformative movement class for individuals who have never considered themselves "workout people" but are seeking a deeper connection with their bodies and a sense of inner peace. Set to incredible music, this is the class for you who are seeking that Mind-Body-Spirit connection…and to have an incredible experience with yourself! 



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