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It all started with an occasionally heavy PMS and period cramps and me dismissing it with Ibuprofen and "everyone's like this before their period". Somewhere in the back of my head I reminisced that my sister cut out coffee to support her cycle, and finally giving her theory a chance + some research online I found out caffeine isn't serving our hormonal health.

What I've done:

  • No caffeine for the past 43 days.. and counting!

  • Daily intake of supplements: iron, B6, Omega-3, Magnesium, Zink, Vitamin D.

  • I never eat a lot of sugar, dairy or gluten, but I've been extra aware during the past month - mealprepping for a healthy and regular intake of nutritious meals.

Benefits noticed:

More even energy during the day

Not getting the caffeine kick in the morning took me some days to get used to, but

Skin is clearing up / less hormonal acne

It's January and my skin is not loving the temper - but I see a difference in the hormonal acne.

Barley feeling the PMS (but still feeling the menstrual pain)

Let's say my overall well being and mood has improved during phase 3 (the days between ovulation and menstruation), but I still felt some period cramps.

Improved gut health and new gut rhythm

My stomach's happier - calmer and more balanced!

Less stressed / More focused

Knowing that I'll support my body to have the same energy level during the entire day makes me less stressed, knowing that I will perform just as good in the morning as in the afternoon.

One month in reflections;

Overall I'm so impressed by the quick benefits of quitting one daily habit. It has really improved my overall well being, and YES I do crave a cup of coffee every now and then - but I can easily switch it out for a cup of Chicca Roast or Caffeine free coffee.

Let's catch up 3 months in! <3


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