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Here Are The Self Care Trends SOOTHE Founder Hannah Believes will Play A Big Part In How We Care For Our Health And Wellbeing In 2024.

Digital Detox Practices:

Continued emphasis on digital well-being, with people incorporating regular digital detoxes, setting boundaries on screen time, and engaging in activities that promote mindfulness and presence.

Nature Immersion:

A growing trend in connecting with nature for mental and physical well-being, including activities like forest bathing, outdoor meditation, and nature retreats.

Sleep Optimisation:

Increased focus on sleep quality and creating a conducive sleep environment, with technology and innovations to support better sleep habits.

Mindful Technology Use:

Integrating mindfulness into technology use, with apps and devices designed to promote mental health, bio-hacking, stress reduction, and digital balance.

Personalised Wellness Plans:

Customised self-care plans based on individual needs, preferences, and health goals, incorporating elements like nutrition, fitness, mental health, healing, personal growth, trauma management, and sleep.

Holistic Mental Health:

A holistic approach to mental health, encompassing practices such as therapy, meditation, breathwork, and creative outlets to address stress and anxiety.

Community Well-being:

Greater emphasis on communal self-care, with shared experiences, group activities, and community support contributing to individual and collective well-being.

Empowerment and Self-Reflection:

Self-care practices that promote self-empowerment, self-reflection, and personal growth, encouraging individuals to take an active role in their well-being.

Art and Creativity for Stress Relief:

The use of art and creative expression as a form of stress relief and self-expression, with activities like art therapy, journaling, and DIY projects gaining popularity.

Accessible Mental Health Resources:

Increased accessibility to mental health resources, including online therapy, mental health apps, and virtual support communities to make mental health care more widely available.



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