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Finding it intimidating to step in to the gym floor and own the free weight section? Here are 3 ways to build your confidence and gym focus.

First and foremost start stepping into a more confident version of yourself. Realise that everyone feels uncomfortable doing new things and getting out of their comfort zone. As you walk into the gym flor don’t make yourself small. Think proud posture and walk with confident steps as you are looking around and getting familiar with the gym floor. Mindset: You are not lost! You are just looking around to get an understanding of your surroundings.

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1. Follow A Program

With a clear intention and strategic plan you will be more likely to stay focused on yourself, instead of letting your attention go to what everyone else is doing and thinking. Write out a program or get one from a professional. Let this be your guide and

gift yourself grace as you are learning on the job, think progress over perfection when self conscious voices starts crowding your mind. A program is the perfect way to eliminate any distractions and stay laser focused on your own training.

2. Get A Personal Trainer

Taking a few sessions with a personal trainer to gain the basic knowledge of how to do certain exercises will strengthen your confidence. Confidence is built through experience, so the more practice you get and feedback from a professional the faster you will learn ad feel confident in your training. Everyone in the gym is their to improve and progress in some form so allow yourself to be a student too. Remember progress over perfection!

3. Take Classes

If you don’t have the financial means to invest in a personal trainer, take classes. There are so many classes that will give you a good run through of various exercises and combinations of movements to build a basic knowledge that will boost your confidence. If you feel classes is outside of your com fort zone this is your sign to do it. First thing about progressing in the gym or anything in life is to do the hard things. Do the uncomfortable things, that is how we grow and step into new dimensions of ourselves. Show up, to level up!



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