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Do you find yourself stuck in a toxic work environment or group of friends that just kill your vibe? You are definitely not alone. While toxic relationships often need a clear exit strategy, there are ways to manage day-to-day negativity without heading for the door.

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1. Embrace self-reflection

Start by looking inwards and taking responsibility for your own actions and reactions. Stop blaming others and focus on understanding your own role in the situation.

2. Change your behaviour

Accept that the only behaviour you can control is your own. By changing how you respond and act, you will soon find that toxic people will be less interested in engaging with you.

3. Set boundaries

Clearly define what you will no longer tolerate, keep a list and hold yourself accountable. It will be difficult at first, but stick with it. It will get easier.

4. Distance yourself

Distance yourself emotionally and mentally by not engaging in negative conversations and toxic dynamics. Stay present and develop an inner sense of detachment where you are no longer affected by negative energy.

5. Seek peace and healing

Dive into practices that promote inner peace and healing, such as meditation, journaling, reading self-help books and perhaps talking to a professional. Focus on your own spiritual growth.


Please note that these strategies are not intended for abusive relationships that are physically or emotionally dangerous. If you find yourself in one, your only focus should be to remove yourself physically from the situation.

By: Ania Hoppner


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