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Before we get in to the exercises, let's make two things clear. Firstly, in order for your muscles to grow you must break down the muscles fibres. Doing no equipment exercises will make a difference in the beginning when you haven't trained in a while, but after some time your progress will plateau. In order to keep growing that juicy butt you need to advance, either by doing more reps (which eventually becomes unsustainable because noone has time for 300 reps per exercise) or add weights - this is called progressive overload. The exercises I share in this article are not to be viewed as a blueprint to grow your glutes by themselves but rather as an addition to your regular weighted lower body workout. They are called glute activation exercises because they help your "mind-to-muscle-connection" so that you will find it easier to primarily activate the glutes instead of the quads when doing for ex. squats, leg presses or forward lunges. Secondly, after breaking down the muscle fibres they need to be rebuilt with food. Protein is important but hitting your daily protein intake will not make a difference if you are not eating inadequately overall. You must eat in order to grow!


Those two things being said, here are the 8 glute activation exercises I love to hate for a peach emoji bum.

**Do 20 reps per leg for each exercise.**

No. 01: Donkey Kicks

No. 02: Diagonal Leg Lifts

No. 03: 90° Leg Lifts

No. 04: 90° Leg Lift Pulses

No. 05: Straight Leg Lifts

No. 06: Hip Thrusts

No. 07: Unilateral Leg Lifts

No. 08: Frog Hip Thrusts

Good luck peeps!


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