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The REAL reason why we are lonely, loveless and depressed. Wise words by the love expert Alain De Botton, The School of Life. 

These was the pice of the puzzle and words I needed to soothe my current mental state. I’m always looking to understand myself and expand my self awareness. I’ll be honest and fully vulnerable…, I’ve been struggling mentally lately since starting with my daily somatic training. Unresolved emotions surfaced and it’s been truly painful but necessary for my healing. 

Over the past couple of years I have become more aware of trapped emotions and sadness I still haven’t truly understood resulting in depression. I do my my best to manage my mental health, however at times it does become too overwhelming and outside help is needed. 

This episode truly resonated and helped comfort and soothe some of the mental struggles I go through. I found this knowledge and perspectives incredibly empowering and self accepting. 

I really recommend you gift yourself the time to listen if you are interested in understanding yourself better, and most importantly give yourself a break. No one on this planet is perfect, and we have to stop expecting perfection from ourselves and other.s 

Life is unbelievably challenging when you have not processed emotions, or childhood trauma which keeps being repeated in adulthood. This repeated cycle most often do result in suffering and depression. Which is natural! Depression is sadness that hasn’t understood itself. When we have unprocessed emotions we will struggle mentally. So we need to find ways to properly digest and process our emotions and issues. 

What you are going through is natural based on what you have survived, remember that! You are not alone! I am speaking from experience and by doing so I hope to help lower the guard so we can meet each other in a more authentic and vulnerable state. 

Love Hannah xxx 


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