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Human Design is a system that combines Spirituality with Science to provide you with a
lifelong blueprint on the most efficient and effective way for you to personally exchange energy
and interact with the world.

It incorporates 4 ancient sciences - the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the

chakra system, astrology, and Chinese teachings along with contemporary forms of science

like genetics, quantum physics, and astronomy.

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If you want to know the exact science - the HD bodygraph is demised from subatomic particles

called neutrinos. These particles are produced by the stars, the sun, and some planets and are

present around Earth. When you are born, there is a crystallisation or implantation of the

neutrino field. This field creates a cosmic DNA for you as an individual, making you a snapshot

of the higher universal energies at play at that point in time. Pretty cool hey!?

The system works with your body - both your energetic body and your physical body -

recognising them both and providing you with tools, insights and direction into how your soul is

here to play out this game we call Life. It is founded on the awareness that we are all different,

we are all unique, we all have our optimal way of doing, being and processing. Once we can

start working WITH our energy as opposed to against it, we can realise and experience just

how POWERFUL we all inherently are. We become an open vessel for receiving.

What are the different Energy Types according to human design?

Human Design categorises individuals into 5 main ‘Energy Types’ which essentially identify and

distinguish the way an individual’s energy flows. Each type has its own specific traits which are

at the core of your design, similar to how your Sun sign is referred to in Astrology.

To find out your bodygraph, there are several websites that calculate it for free.

The 5 types are:

The Generator.

Generators are the energetic and responsive individuals, the builders and doers. They are here

to find their mission and run with it. When a generator is working towards their Purpose and

truly living it out, they are unstoppable. They have a constant internal battery that can keep

them fuelled and focused on whatever they are chasing. Nothing and no one can get in their

way. Finding their ‘thing’ in life as a Generator is so key - they should never stop exploring until

they do because when they know, they know. And so does the rest of the world!

The Manifestor.

Manifestors are initiators who are here to get things started. They receive impulse urges and

have the energy to act on them immediately when they come up, before their mind can take

over with logic which might deter them from starting. They do not necessarily need to channel

this energy until the end of a project as they will receive many throughout their lifetime. They

should acknowledge the download / burst of excitement about an idea, and share it / put it out

there for others to then complete.

Manifesting Generator.

Manifesting Generators are a hybrid of Manifestors and Generators, combining initiation with

response. They have the constant internal battery as a Generator but do not have the same

singular mission. Where their energy is focused will change and be redirected. Again, like the

Manifestor, they receive random, unexplainable urges which they should act on, but not

neccesarily pressurise themselves to complete if a new exciting ideas comes to them. It’s

important they allow themselves this freedom to course direct when their soul guides them.

The Projector.

Projectors are natural guides and leaders when recognised and invited. They are the wisest of

all types and the newest form, being created to help take us to the next level of doing things.

Their words are efficiency and optimisation. That is what they are here for and that is what they

do best. They have an ability to see from a higher perspective than anyone else, being able to

identify what is working and what is not and ultimately, how people / projects / companies /

structures can strategise to produce a higher outcome. Projectors require the most rest, so it is

important they give themselves permission to do so. Rest is an essential process for their

digestion of information and higher prospective forming process.

The Reflector.

Reflectors are the rarest of the types, making up only 1% of the population. They are highly

sensitive, with no defined energy centres of their own, who act as mirrors to the community.

They are the chameleons of the world, constantly being impacted by the people, environment

and energy forecast. As a result they have the greatest ability to really feel into another

individual, because they literally feel their energy and amplify it. This amplifying nature means

they experience extremes, making them highly susceptible to whatever is going on at the time.

Whether that be a full moon, an underlying emotion or a social situation. Being in contact with

a Reflector is a powerful way to not only get a glimpse into what is going on in yourself, but in

society as a whole.

How to read your bodygraph?

Once you become familiar with your energy type, the next best places to look at are your

Authority and your Strategy. These 3 combined really do provide you with the foundation you

need to start applying HD into your everyday life.

If you are not making decisions and taking action in your most Aligned way, then you are

moving from your mind and in the beginning, it is very common for your mind to not agree with

this universal guidance. When we intentionally practice listening to our Authority and Strategy

we instead align with our unique paths and genetic makeup, allowing things to more naturally,

and more easefully, fall into place.


Your Authority is essentially how you make decisions. It is your ultimate source of power. It

identifies the ways the universe is trying to give you signs inside your body. Where and how the

Universe speaks to you varies dependent on your bodygraph.

There are 7 types of Authorities in HD - Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, G-Centre, Mental,


Getting to know which type you are provides you with your body’s knowing or intelligence. It

becomes specific in supporting you in recognising and identifying your intuition, allowing you

to become intentional in working alongside it.


Your strategy is how you make things happen. How you manifest and make your dream life

real. It is a coded guidebook to help you navigate living as the most Aligned version of yourself,

affirming who you really are and understanding / letting go of what you are not.

There are 4 types of Strategy in HD - Informing, Responding, Being Invited, Being Carried.

Once you start living according to your Strategy, you get into flow with how your energy

naturally works. This opens you up to a whole new way of cooperating with life, providing you

with a bulletproof formula to your highest success.

As with all information nowadays, the best way to trust in something and know that it works, is

to play it out. You have to test it to experience it, so my advice with this is to start applying it in

small ways. Take note of how you feel, the interactions you have, your energy levels, and what

comes up. Your highest, most Aligned self, aka the Universe, is ALWAYS speaking to you. It is

always trying to guide you. The more you can tap into it and start working with it, the more

exciting your life becomes. Remember, the Universe always has your back ;)

<33 TANIA.W | @richlife.bytw


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