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Sometimes, I whisper the belief that I emerged into this world in the wrong vessel - my essence being ill-suited for the human realm. I these fleeting moments I yearn for the stoic embrace of a rock, safley residing deep within the forest's sanctuary. A tranquil, secure haven where serenity reigns - a place where I go to find solace as it cradles my soul. This is my love letter to Nature's tender grace.

In the heart of the woods, solitude eludes me. I find kinship with the pines,

birches, leaves, and mountain moss. It's not a mere connection; rather,

I stand in awe of their beauty and the serenity they exude.

The forest, or 'Nature' at large, becomes my companion and sage.

Much like the rhythmic dance of 'Nature's' seasons; the growth of its trees,

the fading of its flowers, and the sculpting of its stones -

I too metamorphose through the passing years.

I am molded, undone, experience a fleeting demise, only to unfold once more.

Unlike 'Nature' though, I harbor a trepidation for change,

striving to reign it in, orchestrating a predetermined evolution.

'Nature' reigns as the Earth's enduring custodian,

weathering the most profound transformations, still reigning as the mightiest force.

Perhaps, amidst the ebb and flow, strength arises.

And there, within the woodland realm, each subtle shift is embraced

with graceful equanimity—a trait I yearn to embody.

/xx Alva


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