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Using a photo of yourself as a child for self-love and emotional healing can be a powerful and compassionate practice. Here's a guide on how to engage in this process.

I personally keep a photo of my childhood self as screen saver on my phone during times when more self-love is needed.

Select a Meaningful Photo:

Choose a childhood photo that sparks positive memories or emotions. Look for an image capturing a moment of joy, innocence, or contentment.

Create a Comfortable Space:

Find a quiet and comfortable space for reflection. Allow time and safe space to focus on the practice without interruptions.

Connect with Your Inner Child:

Gaze at the photo with a compassionate focus. Visualise connecting with the child in the image, offering love, understanding, and acceptance.

Positive Affirmations and Reflection:

Develop positive affirmations based on the strengths observed in the photo. Repeat these affirmations, fostering a nurturing dialogue with your inner child. Reflect on both positive and challenging childhood experiences.

Express Gratitude and Integration:

Express gratitude for the lessons and strengths gained from your childhood. Consider how to integrate newfound self-love into daily life. Identify practical steps to honour and care for your inner child regularly. Use the photo as your screen saver, keep it with you, or put it up on your mirror for a daily reminder. If needed, seek professional support for deeper emotional healing.

This practice is a form of inner child work, promoting self-compassion and emotional healing. It allows you to reframe your self-perception, fostering a more nurturing and positive relationship with yourself. If you find the process challenging or if deep emotional issues arise, consider seeking support from a mental health professional to guide you through the journey of self-love and healing.



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