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Elin Tranberg is one of the SOOTHE contributors. We fired away 5 questions about her fitness routine.

Go-to workouts

I love variety - and no-one serves that better than the Bruce App. Through Bruce I frequently go for high-intensity / heavy workouts at IGNITE, Kalvhagen and Barry's. Mixed up with yoga, pilates, barre, mega former, breathwork and other more low intensity activities. On weekends - I go the gym with my bf.

Always in the gym bag

When I don't go to a class, my essentials are: AirPods and a great playlist and a heavy mini band for lower body exercises.

Workout style

Black, with more black and a touch of white and grey. Atm no specific brands, but I'm curious of exploring some new stuff - most of my workout clothes has been favorites for years now.


For fall and winter I'll challenge my self to explore Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga, and in general do more slow but heavy workouts.


I always have dates with peanut butter the freezer! On the go: I love DIG Snacks <3


Music is sometimes the major reason I go for a workout haha, and I always use Shazam during class to find new songs. Here's my latest ADDICTIONS!


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