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Occasionally dealing with quite an annoying PMS made deep dive in the subject lately - and I decided to pay proper attention and take proper actions to support my hormonal balance. The past months I've been quitting caffeine and customizing my intake of supplements. I've been extra aware of my alcohol, sugar, gluten and diary intake and I've been adjustingthe intensity of my workouts to my cycle. So far, so good!

Going on this journey, I've found great daily education and reminders from the below Instagram accounts, check them out; is a cycle tracker app, that comes with a clear overview of the cycle phases so you easily see where you're at today. It gives you an insight in your general well being of the day, how you can support your cycle through food and nutrition and how you can boost your body with physical activity. In addition to that there's interesting articles and yummy recipes.

The Instagram feed is filled with hormonal health life hacks and educational posts that give valuable insights.

Searching for alternatives to coffee, I discovered Womensync. I've heard of them before, but I've never realized how many great products and recipes they have. I now start every morning with their lovely Chicca Roast. I love all their recipes of healthy treats! Some of their podcast episodes (yes they run a podcast too!) has been really useful for me to understand how diet and supplements can relieve PMS.

This lovely account creates easy and educational posts on hormonal health and skincare. Great and clear reminders on WHY and HOW to take care of our hormonal health + loads of great skincare deep dives!

By: Elin Tranberg


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