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I've been a true fan of Bruce App since 2020, and has been using it more than ever this fall. My work days are always different, and I love variety - so it's the perfect way for me to try new things, stay motivated and combine workouts with my work scheduele.

Today I'm listing my most visited and favorite studios in Stockholm;

The new found love;

Remedy has very few classes and sports, so sign up on the waitlist and be quick! This lovely studio is an oas at Östermalm, very warm and welcoming. They offer specific concepts that's hard to find elsewhere, such as the 'garuda slings' and 'the build', alongside with more traditional pilates matwork. Big plus for the IR heat, that warms your body from the inside and increase flexibility.

A must go if you're into pilates!

The go-to;

Barry's is quick, effective and energy boosting! Room is dark, music is pumping. Comining intervalls on the threadmill with strength on the floor, using barbells, resistance band and body weight.

For me, this is a "just do it" activity, I know I'll get a very good full body workout and the endorphins going. Big plus for fresh locker rooms, Dyson hairdryer and the central location.

The go-to;

Igntie is one of Stocholms most recent studio additions, celebrating one year in business this fall. The class 'Ignite' is a combination of intervalls on the threadmills and strength exercises. For the floor part you have your very own 'power rack', making it possible to lift heavy heavy weights if you want to.

Big plus for offering Hatha Yoga every monday with lovely Sofie Bellis.

The quickie;

My go-to here is the concept 'Dirty Thirty'. Nothing crazy, just an effective full body workout, and constant movement for 30 minutes. For me, this is the perfect monday morning class - getting me in the right mood to take on a new week. It's not my favourite locker room - very small with bad lightning, and you have to bring your own towel.

Big plus for the IR-sauna that all Bruce members can book for a complmentary fee of 100 SEK.

The yoga;

I love to add a yoga class to my routine, and try to do either pilates or yoga once a week. Altromono has been a go-to for me for years - and is still due to the central location, the chill vibes and the variety of classes.

The Pilates;

Megaformer classes are super slow and heavy as hell. It's all about 'time under tension' and the slower you move - the more challengeing it is. I love it as a complimentary workout to HIT, working on stability, posture and balance.

The every now and then;


Unfortunately the location is a big deal for me, especially during winter time. The closer to work the more often I go. Although - somtimes I take some extra time and visit studios that's a bit further away - and then the above is my favourites.

The challenge;

For the coming months I will challenge myself to try some new Bruce studios. Stay tuned! <3

BY: Elin Tranberg


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