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Having a non negotiable morning routine is about showing up for myself. It’s not about what I always want or feel like doing. It’s about showing up for what I’ve come to learn is important for my mental and emotional wellbeing. I’m a true believer in the holy trinity of our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. And with that in mind I have to care for all hat I am. It’s about discipline. It’s teaching myself to do difficult things and to show up even when it’s uncomfortable for the positive momentum these micro moments of showing up will create. 

The secret to our future is hidden in our daily routine.

I’ve come to understand how true this is. To shape and change our future it’s not about some huge moment of change or quantum leap. It’s our daily habits done with religious consistency that shapes and transforms our future and reality. 

At times I do truly struggle mentally and suffer deeply emotionally. So, I’ve had to look at what I need to do to best care for myself. 

I don’t really rely on motivation when it comes to sticking to my routine, more so a mindset. I’m a very self motivated individual and can often feel inspired. However when I’m struggling mentally or get into my comfort, I too get into the habit of self sabotage.Not realising that I have an upper limit that holds be back. So discipline is needed! 

My mindset for discipline is a bit like how you would think of brushing your teeth. Sure you may forget or feel to lazy every now and then.., no harm done. But you wouldn’t go days or weeks without brushing them. We just know it’s something we ought to do to care for ourselves. Regardless if we feel like it or not. We know the outcome of doing so and the consequences of not doing so. The action we take or don’t take matters! So I have to show up! 

It’s not an option, my self care is a necessity and requirement. 

The Routine: 

#1: Programming (1 minute) :

As I become aware that I’m awake and a new morning is upon me I close my eyes again and role my eyes upwards and back and focus on the space behind my eyes, my brain basically. 

Now I start talking to my mind, not out loud but just mentally. I speak to my brain as it is a computer that needs instructions for the day. In other words I program my mind for the day. I consciously speak to my mind as a computer computing the information it’s receiving from me. 

I will say statements such as: 

Today will be a great day

You will only crave foods that are nourishing for your body and helping you lose desired weight. 

You are transforming.

You are going beyond your upper limit. 

You will follow your routine today.

You will take actions aligned with your desired future

You will no longer hold your self back or engage in self sabotage.

You are only attracted to people who are kind, loving and reciprocate your level of effort and energy. 

You are transforming and changing your future for the better. 

You are kind and compassionate woman. 

You are a happy, joyful and inspired being. 

#2 Meditation (10 minutes)

I do a 10 minute guided meditation while still laying in bed. This one!

My personal focus now is to transform and consistently stick to doing almost the same thing everyday. 

#3 Detox Drink (2 minutes)

I drink a detoxing and alkaline morning drink: 

  • Juice from half a lemon

  • A couple of drops apple cider vinegar

  • 1 pinch of Himalayan pink salt 

  • 1 cup of warm water 

#4 : Create (30 minutes)

 Create before consume > I write an article for my wellness page SOOTHE before starting consuming the worlds content. 

#5 : Somatic Movement (10 minutes)

Somatic Movement. I do my daily somatic movement which for me is a mindfulness practice. 10 minutes of focused and intentional breathing and scanning of the body. It’s a vital part of my emotional and mental wellbeing. I use this app!

#6 : Coffe & Inspiration (15 minutes)

I make myself a cup of coffee and I sit down for 10 to15 minutes watching or listening to something that inspires me. This can be a podcast, book, Vlogg or something educational on YouTube. I like having a cozy little moment for myself. It’s too soothing and creates a feeling of luxury. 

#7 : Appearance (15 minutes)  

Appearance is a part of the physical and the human experience. It’s important to me to feel good about how I show up in the world. Meaning I enjoy putting effort into my appearance so that I myself, feel like I look good and well presented. I enjoy choosing an outfit for the gym that’s going to make feel good and confident. I like doing a simple skin and make up routine. 

Note: Being inferno of the mirror is a good way to stay aware of how you are talking to yourself. Are you being kind an loving as you would to a friend or are you constant putting yourself down and criticising yourself. This is where I discover a lot of the unlearning and rewiring that needs to happen. 

#8 : Moving My Body (60 minutes)

Movement - At the moment the Gym is my church and I go everyday Monday to Saturday. My mindset is about showing up everyday. It’s not about the intensity of the workout it’s about putting in the work on a daily for my body, mind and soul. I allow myself to be as ambivalent as I need to be in the gym. I hold that space for myself. It’s a my safe space and I use whatever energy that surfaces to my advantage. 

I will feel insecure, powerful, excited, sad, fat, strong, happy, angry, not good enough, the queen of the world, furious, annoyed, in spired, motivated, creative, insignificant, loser, pathetic... and to feeling like I’m that girl and there is no one like me! I’m the shit!! 

I embrace it and let myself feel it all with compassion. I use the energy as my fuel to transform. I use my adversity to my advantage.


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