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For those of us who don't live within a five-minute stroll of the gym or swear solely by at-home workouts, the daunting task of finding a gym bag that doubles as a stylish work bag is all too familiar. Living half an hour from the city centre, with all the studios I love, my school, and workplace scattered about, I've made it my mission to find a bag that can literally carry me through the day. Keep reading for my top eight picks – they're all worthy of an outfit pic and perfectly suitable for work, while still leaving room for your sneakers, water bottle, and gym gear.

// Yacht Bag - HERE (click!) // The New York Bag - HERE (click!) // Khaima Bag - HERE (click!) // Le Pillage Tote - HERE (click!) // Medium Lotus Tote - HERE (click!) // Yardly Bag - HERE (click!) // Large Maeve Weekender - HERE (click!) // Margaux Bag - HERE (click!) //

Good luck in your search, peeps, over n' out!


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