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Are you curious on what Helsinki has to offer from a health perspective? We are for sure! Helsinki based PR-girl Jessica Benissan, knows the city inside and out, and we're happy to take part of her hidden health gems. When going, check out these must-visit spots for a ___SOOTHE___ stay;

Kanavaranta 7 C 12, 00160 Helsinki

My #1 spot for reformer pilates, but they also do yoga and regular pilates classes in the most aesthetic studio. A killer workout + a beautiful space to do it in.

Such a soothing massage spot for both a calming one but also if you’re in real need for opening up sore muscles. The atmosphere is soo relaxing and your mind teleports away from your hectic everyday life.

Fitness boxing studio that’s so fun and addicting, they recently rebranded from being called 'Workout Roba'. They have the best coaches and all-out vibe!! I didn’t have any boxing experience when I first started going there and it was such a welcoming and warm environment.

Stora Robertsgatan 46

Best teriyaki salmon in the city. Order the Salmon Teriyaki Don and I promise you won’t be disappointed. So simple & good, perfect for your lunch cravings when you want something light, but yummy.

My favorite place to sit on the terrace and have a cup of tea especially during early fall evenings. The vibe is immaculate and I feel that as a person with quite a hectic schedule, even when I have a moment for myself I still sometimes love to be surrounded by people.

See you in Helsinki! <3


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