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When it comes to optimizing physical and mental well-being, the most crucial aspect is, undoubtedly, maintaining a balanced diet, ensuring exposure to fresh air and engaging in daily physical activity. However, a supplemental boost can often be beneficial. Personally, I love supplements, considering them as integral to my morning and evening routine as facial cleansing and serum application. However, navigating the sea of supplements and vitamins can feel overwhelming. Scroll down to discover the essential tablets I rely on daily and learn which ones would benefit you the most.

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Living in Sweden, where sunlight is scarce for eight months of the year, makes vitamin D supplementation essential. Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in regulating calcium levels in bones and teeth and has a documented impact on mental health. It's worth noting that vitamin D is fat-soluble and should be consumed alongside a source of dietary fat, that's why most Vitamin D supplements come as oil capsules. If you prefer tablets they should ideally be taken together with a meal.


Selenium, an antioxidant, contributes to healthy hair and nails, bolsters the normal functioning of the immune system, and shields cells from oxidative stress—a factor linked to aging and wrinkles. Brazil nuts stand out as a natural source rich in selenium. Psst! If you don't like tablets you could replace them with two brazil nuts a day to cover your recommended daily intake.


Biotin, akin to other B vitamins, is indispensable for maintaining healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver function. Additionally, it supports proper nervous system function and aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


Derived from a root of the same name, Ashwagandha finds extensive use in Ayurvedic practices as a rejuvenating herb with balancing and strengthening properties. It is reputed to positively impact sleep quality, weight management, immune function, exercise effectiveness, libido, fertility, memory, and overall physical condition. Some even claim Ashwagandha is natures own antidepressant.


Primarily consumed in the evening, magnesium aids muscle relaxation. This mineral governs numerous vital bodily processes, including the metabolism necessary for nutrient absorption. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining skeletal strength and supporting immune function. Great if you workout a lot or suffers from restless legs syndrome.


Zinc, essential for maintaining normal hair, skin, and nail health, serves as an antioxidant, safeguarding cells against oxidative stress. Found predominantly in bones, muscles, and eyes, zinc is a vital mineral. I prefer taking it before bedtime for optimal effect.

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