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Imagine The Highest Version of Yourself And Show Up As Her.

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As a seeker to heal my lack of self love and feeling good enough I come in contact with various teachers that speak of the importance of healing and rewire our mind. After starting meditating I became painfully aware of how mean, negative and limiting my views and beliefs of myself were.

I had never really understood the concept of self image and what a crucial part that played in how I perceived myself and how I was perceived by others until I came across mindset coach Kim Velez on youtube.

Kim says ”We’re gonna take your self-concept, rip it apart, and build it back up into something unrecognizable—in the best way possible. Think: confident, magnetic Goddess. A woman who crushes it in her career by day and is a Queen in love by night.”

I remember so vividly the first time I listened to one of Kim's guided meditations. The words she spoke about how I should be thinking, speaking and feel about myself felt so foreign. I struggled to take it in and to actually believe that this was the inner conversation I was suppose to have with myself.

I remember even more vividly when I played this meditational at an event I was hosting for a group of girls. As we ended the meditation many of the girls were in tears grieving how difficult it was for them to embrace the words of affirmation as truth for themselves.

”If you’ve been lugging around your past like it’s a suitcase full of bricks, it’s time to drop that shit. We’re gonna rewrite your story, shake up your world, and unleash the confident, Goddess-level woman you were born to be. I’ve done it, and so can you.” Kim Velez

I started to listen to THIS meditation daily. I used it as mantras to positively brain was myself. I would meditate to it, listen to it in the shower or as I was getting ready for my day.

The more I listened I started to adopt these beliefs as my own, it became the primary inner dialog and story I entertained. Something that felt so foreign and unnatural was now natural and so familiar.

Here to the crazy part. It was reflected in my reality. Without even mentioning the word Goddess I was getting comments and compliments wherever I went. People literally telling me I was a Goddess and saying words I was affirming to myself just mentally. Such a beautiful testament that true self belief, beauty and glow shines from within.

The self concept of a goddess a long with dressing up, showing up as my highest self, having fun with my self image internally an externally manifested this incredible GODDESS era for me. I highly suggest you try it for yourself.


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