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Hi you and hi 2024!

Mid-January, and I'm finally feeling back on track after kicking off the new year with a flu. It has been such a pleasure to be back in my routines again - working out, eating well, work from the office and keep making plans for the year.


Every year I create a vision for myself, by writing down reflections, actions and goals for the new year ahead. I map out how I want my life to be, going through all aspects of life. Everything from


I am so excited to simplify and personalize my wardrobe even more. Being really strict, I'm in the process of mapping out my style - to give myself a clear strategy to follow that'll make me stay me. Researching the topic I found this podcast episoe - "The Style Pitch" by Säker Stil, that share a great guide on how to it. Hold on, will share more on this topic later on!


Reading my recent articles, for example this one, you'll see that the art of balancing hormones is something I'm trying to master right now. I'm soon one month in on quitting caffeine, adding key supplements etc - and I already feel major shifts in my well being. It's crazy!


Can't WAIT to go to my hair dresser next week! Then 2024 can start for real haha.


A game changer for me lately has been to do all my workouts with the "mind-to-muscle" and "time-under-tension" mantra. Really focusing on the movement, explore the movement and pay proper attention to where in my body I feel it is challenging but makes me leave the workout very fulfilled.


My best skincare friends rn is the Cosrx All In One Cream & COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. Can't without!

See you next week, with a fresh hair and mind <3

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