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Roll-on perfumes and mini perfumes are a go-to for the Soothe editors. The perfect size to always have in your bag, to freshen up after a gym session, while traveling or to keep on the desk.

This is our favorites right now - all Scandinavian;

This limited edition kit that just launched is created especially for the upcoming holidays. However, it's also the perfect kit if you're a fan of mixing and trying new scents. The Björk & Berries scents are long lasting, made with organic fermented alcohol and instantly captures the essence of Swedish nature. Comes in a kit of 8 scents, 1,5ml each.

Prefume brand CRA-YON and MANTLE continues their collaboration, recently launching 2 new scents. This kit comes with the previous launch "The High Road" alongside with newcomers "The Fougère Affair" and "The Dusk Daze". Read more about the notes here.

Launched during fall 2023, the BYREDO collaboration with natural skincare pioneer Susanne Kaufmann has been hyped in the fashion world. The exclusive 'Bregenzerwald Fragrance Oil', named after Kaufmann’s home in Bregenzerwald, celebrates the sensorial connection between skincare and fragrance. The limited-edition series is a reflection of time and place, transporting one to the forests in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

With sustainability a shared mutual philosophy, the fragranced oil is packaged in recycled glass printed with sustainable ink, with cartons made from recycled cardboard.


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