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We are incredibly greatful for everyone that showed up at our two launch events <3 and our SOOTHE goodie box, filled to the brim with all our SOOTHE selected faves, was our way of saying thanks. This article provides an exclusive peak inide the box as well as links to all the products we love.

The SOOTHE Goodie Box

// Fermentation Sheet Mask - HERE (click!) // Snail Bee Sheet Mask - HERE (click!) // Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask - HERE (click!) // Highlighter - HERE (click!) // Mascara - HERE (click!) // Lip Gloss - HERE (click!) // Premium Vitamin D - HERE (click!) // Amethyst - HERE (click!) // Pino Santo - HERE (click!) // Infla Care Capsules - HERE (click!) // Dry Shampoo - HERE (click!) // Mega Mushroom Mask - HERE (click!) // Chocolate Covered Nuts - HERE (click!) // Toffee Licorice - HERE (click!) // Salty Licorice - HERE (click!) // Cleansing Mousse - HERE (click!) // Chaga Extract - HERE (click!) // Snail Bee Essence - HERE (click!) // Detox Shampoo - HERE (click!) // Tripple Magnesium - HERE (click!) //

Psst! Don't forget to check out SOOTHE SELECT where you can shop all our current lifestyle, fashion, beauty and fitness faves!


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