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We're beyond proud to have launched this space, and see the idea come to life. As a first celebration of the launch, we invited a small group to our partner hub At Six, for a SOOTHE morning - getting to know the story behind SOOTHE, enjoying a session with The Practice, and connect over the lovely At Six breakfast buffet.

Morning started with a wonderful session guided by Camilla, creator of the concept The Practice. A session to make us feel healthier, grounded, stable, fulfilled and joyful. Discover here <3

All guests got the wondeful seamless set from Björn Borg, check it out here - together with our very first SOOTHE___BOX carfully curated by Hannah with products she swears by.

Conncting while enjoying the At Six breakfast buffet.

We're so excited for our upcoming events, stay tuned! <3

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