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SOOTHE is not the only major thing launching this autumn. For the past two weeks, H&M Beauty has taken over the streets of Stockholm with their campaign, promoting the rebrand of their beauty line. We got curious and took to the internet to find out what the buzz is all about.

The re-launch is in partnership with none other than Raoúl Alejandre, known for being the makeup artist for Zendaya, Beyonce, and Kia Gerber amongst others. The collection features cream and powder products and the packaging is in the iconic H&M red color as well as soft pink shades. In an interview with Stylist, Alejandro spoke about the new line:

“I think the standouts for me are the creamier textures. In most of my experience, I have worked with a lot of mattes but I’m really excited to take my artistry to the next level with the creamy multi-use sticks to create both subtle and bold looks.”

- Raoúl Alejandre to Stylist, Oct. 2023

Since the collection launched there has already been a lot of reviews posted on Social Media and so far the majority are positive. The other night I was scrolling through instagram and one of my favorite content creators had published a H&M Beauty Review. She had a lot of positive things to say and I truly recommend you to have a watch if you are curious to try this new line!

Of course the one and only Margareta Grääs also posted a detailed first impression and review on her YouTube. She had purchased everything from the line and she truly knows her stuff so it is worth checking out! Also - her look turned out fire!

Below are all the products from the new beauty line. The price ranges from 79kr-129kr and ofc they all come in a range of colors. There are even shimmering and matte versions of the pressed powder. Love it!

H&M Beauty

// Volume Icon Lash - HERE (click!) // Matte Lipstick- HERE (click!) // Do-it-All Stick - HERE (click!) // Forever Curled Lash - HERE (click!) // Pressed Powder Highlight - HERE (click!) // Never Ending Lash - HERE (click!) // Pressed Powder Bronzer - HERE (click!) // Tinted Brow Mascara - HERE (click!) // Pressed Powder Blush - HERE (click!) // Statin Lipstick - HERE (click!) // Eyebrow Pencil - HERE (click!) //


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