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Ever since I began following Grace Beverly, I've been eager to try out her activewear brand, TALA. I've never come across a negative review online, and the brand's commitment to environmental and social sustainability is commendable. Honestly, the only factor that has deterred me from proceeding to "checkout" is the additional tax applied to UK orders (I always find it to be a bit of a gamble and I'm too lazy to deal with returns from another country, haha). Nevertheless, this December, I decided to treat myself but as a devoted fan and returning customer of SKIMS and Lululemon, I knew that my expectations were set high and that I could be in for a disappointment. With all this being said, here is my honest review of TALA.


First things first, the website's a breeze to navigate, working seamlessly. Products are neatly sorted into categories based on functionality, fit, and material – a feature I find quite handy. Now, at a quick glance, the eight subcategories of leggings might seem a tad excessive and a bit intimidating. Yet, hovering over each category gives you a solid description of the intended activity level and fit, which turned out to be surprisingly helpful in narrowing down my choices. It took 6 days for my order to make its way to Sweden and an extra 3 days to land at my local post office – a delivery time that, in my book, is perfectly reasonable. Happy-clappy!

The tags are made from seeded paper. Pop them in some soil, add water and watch as they grow!


Let's face it – fashion isn't exactly synonymous with sustainability. The most genuinely sustainable way to shop for clothes is, of course, the secondhand market. Yet, in navigating this environmental minefield, there are ways to soften the blow. A well-thought-out sustainability plan has become increasingly essential for brands today as customers are becoming more aware of their impact and seek brands that address these concerns. Here is where we enter TALA, a beacon in a sea of greenwashed fashion claims. What sets them apart? A dedicated category in their TOP menu, laying bare their commitment (kuuuudos to TALA for avoiding the common trend of burying sustainability deep in the ABOUT page or as an inconspicuous link in the footer). TALA also acknowledges its shortcomings but emphasizes ongoing efforts to improve. As a nice touch, their tags are made from seeded paper, letting you plant them for a touch of eco-friendliness.

Source: Tala Website


When it comes to sizing, they work within the same range as SKIMS (XXS-4XL). Also, similar to SKIMS and many other brands today, all products are showcased on bodies of various shapes and sizes. Personally, I opted for my usual size and everything fit perfectly – I'm thoroughly impressed! Additionally, many leggings are available in both tall and short lengths, a feature highly appreciated by someone of shorter stature (or should I say minion) like myself.

// Top - HERE (click!) // Yoga pants - HERE (click!) //


Having felt the incredible material and seen the impeccable fit, I must confess, I'm in love! When taking into consideration the sustainability aspects and pricing as well, I can confidently say that I'll be coming back for more, and SKIMS, as well as Lululemon has, without a doubt, lost a customer to TALA. Over n' out peeps!


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